The Calm After The Storm

As a photographer, I love to bring out the inner person in an image. Apneah is a Buffalo New York spoken word artist with deep passion for his work.  In his piece "Castaway" the last lines are: 

"Because despite what we believe, we're given exactly what we need. Whether wings to face the gale or arms and legs to face the sea, many unanswered questions, but here's to one less; the calm after the storm has taught me how much I'm blessed" 

I love this shot because it captured the essense of hope despite the elements around you. I'm inspired by his faith and dedication to personal growth and am honored to have the opportunity to capture it on film.

Family Fun

Western New York is an amazing plast to live.  You can be in a metropolitan setting in the city of Buffalo, or in a scenic park such as Glenn Falls in Williamsville.  I love raising my family here.

I recently did a family documentary session with a young family in my neighborhood. Capturing their family time together brought back great memories with my family. I hope you enjoy your family time this week.

Lifestyle Session Tips

Lifestyle photo sessions are a lot of fun.  I love to create a relaxed environment to let your true personality shine.  A few quick tips to make your session successful.

1. Don't Worry - It's my job to make you look good.  Relax and have fun. It's ok to interact with me as I shoot.  

2. Look at Multiple Areas  -People tend to either look directly at me all for most of the shot or not at all.  It's ok to engage in the environment around you.

3. Select Locations You Love - Don't worry about whether it has good lighting or not.  I can always bring lighting to a shoot.  Remember that this is telling the story of you.  If a local hamburger joint is special to you, we can shoot there. I can always offer suggestions for locations if needed as well. 

First Impressions

Every day for a baby is filled with first impressions.  They are not desensitized so every moment is magical.  My buddy JD is only a few months old and I marvel at his desire to learn.  A simple fish tank is wonderland of color and beauty. As I age, my hope is to hold on to an innocent learners heart. I want to be open to first impressions in a world where I think I know too much.

Good Times

This is one of my favorite shots from my daughter's senior portrait shoot.  I think I said something stupid while shooting and she burst out laughing.  While I miss both my girls now that they are grown and living away from home, I love our adult relationship even more. We keep it real with each other but we also still have a good time together.